Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 months

Today we have been in Haiti for 3 months. Some days it is if the days fly by and others it seems if they stand still. So much has been gained and so much lost. My side of the world is such a different one than the one I can from. Things seen to go at there own pace here in no hurry for anyone. Once we do come home there are so many things I will miss. It will be a readjustment for all of us. I love the chocolate kisses I get everyday. This bonding time with Daphnica has been worth it all. Tonight as we prayed bedtime prayers Daphnica said thank you for the rain, that I am here with my Papa and Manman, thank you for paperwork to be fixed so I can go to Kentucky with them. In Jesus name amen. I know God had to here that prayer.
See you all soon. I know God does all things well. Love Holly

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