Sunday, December 16, 2012

Happy 8 my beautiful Haitian princess

On Friday December 16th 2004 at 6am in the mountains of Haiti in the very poor town of Cbleon, Kenscoff our sweet Daphnica came into this world. I know when her mother held her for the first time she had to know there was something so very special about her. I can only imagine as her mother was dying she was thinking what would happen to her girl. I know she would be proud of the girl she is. Gods hand in upon her. I know the first time I held her it was one of the most special moment sin my life. She brings love and joy to everyone she meets. I am so very blessed to call her mine. How I wish I could keep her little forever to hold some of these days and moments still. The days seem to go by so fast. Happy 8 my beautiful Haitian princess. We are so blessed by you. She wanted a Seuss party and that is what she got. It was so much fun.

Friday, November 9, 2012


A year ago today we stepped off a plane in Haiti to the unknow and a little girl weighing around 28 lbs at almost 7. Daphnica stopped eating because she missed us so much. Our agency said if we went we would have to stay till she can home. That her very life could depend on that. I will never forget how small she was. My heart could have broken into a thousand pieces. I never thought we would be living in Haiti for almost 7 months. I know my faith was put to the test and most days I failed several times. I cried, kicked, and even screamed some days. To say the least I acted like a baby. But looking back at a year that has past it seems like yesterday and at the same time like years ago. I looked back at photos from them I cried, laugh and at some just shock my head in disbelieve. Those were moments with Daphnica that I am so thankful that I did not miss. Her smile at eating, swinging in the swing her Papa made her, her first day of school, two teeth coming out, lights wrapped around her like she was a Christmas tree, finding her baby doll Jerry, chats on the roof top at night, her 7th birthday, making tablet together (Haitian candy), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, Mothers Day. Looking back I was so blessed to have gotten to be there for all these memories for that is what they are. Memories that I will hold dear to my heart. I will add some more photos.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I was asking Daphnica which Mexican restaurant we were going to. I did not understand what she was saying.This is what she said to me. Can't you understand girl whats wrong with your brain.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Prayers for Haiti

Everyone please say a little or great big prayer for all the familys that are adopting from Haiti. Some really need God to move for them and fast. It is a hard spot to be the parents waiting and also harder to be a child waiting for your forever family to come and get you. To love you forever, to make you feel safe and a part of something. Adoptions in Haiti are so unsure right now and something needs to happen and move fast. God please move for these kids. GOD please move for them. Please give them a hope a future and most of all a forever family. Thank you, Holly
This photo is from one of the times I had to say goodbuy to Daphnica. My heart hurts so bad when I think back to those moments. May the familys never have to say goodby again.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Haitian Princess

We have been home 3 months. Boy how time is moving so fast. I will try to give a longer update soon.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Tomorrows Lunch

Chicken spinach fete patty, orange slices, cheese hearts, crackers, butterfly cookie and water.

School time no way.......

Daphnica had her first day of school yesterday. She is loving it. The day before school was her hardest day. She had a few melt downs which are rare to none for her. Bedtime was the worst. But by morning all was well. This is a new season for all of us.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Daphnica starts school tomorrow. She has had three good cries today. At bed time she had a melt down. Not common for her. We can use your prayers. She will love school once she gets there. We can do this. I must be strong for her.

Monday, July 16, 2012

half of gallon of milk

Tonight my daughter went to bed thinking we were rich because we have a half of gallon of milk. We had been on vacation the past week. When we came home we did not have milk for cereal yesterday. When she saw we had none she said mom are poor we have no milk. After going to the store today she now thinks we are rich. The simple things we take for granted. Tomorrow for breakfast cornflakes and milk. A treat some kids never get.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Pearl of the Caribbean

Tomorrow it will be 1 year 10 months 2 weeks and 4 days from home study to home. You read that right. We are on our way home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost packed and ready for the party at the airport. For those coming Friday night 10:20pm Nashville. We moved to Haiti 6 months ago for the longest most stressful vacation in history. But we are bringing home the best souvenir ever. I mean ever. She has be worth it. My heart is so full of Joy we are bringing home the Pearl of the Caribbean. Our beautiful Haitian princess will sleep in her own bed tomorrow night. Yes in her own bed and me in mine. WOW this is real it really is here so many times I have dreamed and planned this day. I thought this day would never come. It is almost here!!!!! I am an emotional mess... Thank you GOD for everything you are the best papa. See you all soon...

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Adoption update.......................

Went to the Embassy yesterday. It was strange the first time I have been with an appointment. We had our VISA interview. They had us wait while they printed it. We now have everything we need and are ready to come home. Daphnica put the last window on the house.

Monday, May 14, 2012


Saying goodbye is the hardest part of leaving here. Daphnica said goodbye to all of friends and family. The hardest was saying goodbye to her cousin. They both had the biggest tears. But I could fell Surfrance's pain and hurt that she was being left behind. She would not even give me a hug. I do not blame her after all I am taking her best friend.
We got our new passport stamps from Haitian Immigrations today. So now we are no longer aliens here. We have our VISA appt in the morning. This is real we are coming home. I keep telling myself that a thousand times a day. We also found out that the VISA fees have changed. They have lowered the fee to $230.00

Sunday, May 13, 2012

For when Daphnica comes home..

I have been reading several blogs and talking on line to several families who have brought their children home in the last year. Several things have become increasingly obvious to me and so I wanted to write them down, before Daphnica comes home. 1) There has to be a party!!! There has to be a the bottom of the stairs/escalator in the luggage area. A welcoming home, a symbol of having "Made IT!!" There has to be lots of photos, and video and it has to be posted to facebook as soon as possible so that those who can't be there but really want to be can rejoice and cry and rejoice.. with the family. After all you all had to suffer with me through blog after blog, after status update that said ..well not much really.. you deserve the party..I can't wait for the party and Daphnica is positively busting at the seams when she thinks about it!! So PLEASE..come to the party :0) Daphnica said to bring a chair and blanket you may need to sit down or get cold will you are waiting at the airport. The Party is Friday May 18th at 10:20pm At the Nashville airport. I wish all my adoptive friends could be at the airport..and that I could be at the bottom of the stairs when they bring their children home too. Thankfully we have the Internet, and I can share those moments with you all. For those that would like to do something special for Daphnice she would love to get a card in the Mail. We have been studying how the mail system works and she just thinks this is unreal. She said she will never get any mail. Here is our address if you would like to send a card. Daphnica Wood 208 S Dixon ST Scottsville, KY 42164 2) Then there has to be recovery!!! for about 6 weeks. As you are all aware we have been through two years of straining towards this point. As I write this post I am physically and mentally and emotionally drained already. But all we have been through is nothing compared to the things Daphnica has had to endure as she waited to come to Kentucky. Add to that the experience of traveling from Haiti to Miami, to Nashville. Two plane rides, two take offs and landings. The excitement of the "Party" then the hour & a half drive home then the reality we are at home. OUR HOME!! To be part of our family. Our family, and our community family! That's a lot of family and we will need to take it slow and steady at first. First of all we will need to take care of all her medical, skin, and intestinal needs. We will need to build her immune system up and probably ours too after living in Haiti and all the stress. We all three will need to detox. That will be fun. NOT......We will be having multiple doctor visits. This would be a great time to surround us with your doorstep love. Good homecooked meals are always welcomed. Please don't feel offended if you come by and we don't invite you in to stay a spell, but please don't feel like you can't pop by. I might just need a moment to sit on the step and chat..or I might not.. just know that we are looking forward to the day you can come and sit a spell with us as a family. We will be limiting activities as well. So please do not get your feelings hurt if you ask us to do something and we say no thank you not today. Too much sensory overload can cause huge crashes and melt downs for her. 3) There has to be connection!! Daphnica comes from an orphanage. She did not get a lot of bonding as a child. At the orphanage she has seen Americans (missions teams) come and go. We thank God for the bonding we have done with her in Haiti over the past 6 months. She is a wonderful and beautiful child. I know all of you are going to love her as much as we do. But she has had to learn at a tender age that she is not always going to get her needs met. She has had to learn that multiple caregivers give basic sustenance. She is learning to trust us, to know we are going to feed her, care for her, and love her. When we come home she needs to know we are still going to do these things for her. That is why it is so important that we do some one on one bonding at our own house in Kentucky . For her to learn her new home first then she can come visit you all. At times she is still very insecure and shy. We will have to take things very slow at first. Remember she is leaving all she has ever know behind. That can be very scary for a little girl. We have also be gone for a long time and been through a lot over the past few months and will need some time to readjust as well. We have reached so many healthy milestones and we need to keep reaching for more. Again bear with us please and remind yourself and others who may not have read this WHY we need it to be this way for the while. Please remember Daphnica may be small for her age but is a very intelligent child she does not like to be talked to like she is a baby. This is a list of things she cannot eat, candy, gum, sticky foods they will get stuck in her tooth wires. We also do not give her sodas, chocolate, tea, or any thing with caffeine (it makes her go crazy and climb the walls, or gives her a super crash we have seen both sides of this), anything with fake sugars. The life she comes from was a simple diet of rice and beans. So we limit junk food and processed foods.We are trying to set up healthy eating habits and give her things that are really good for her body. We are off to a good start so far we need your help to continue. She has gained 16lbs and grown 7 inches in height since November. To think we have not even made it to America yet. When we came in November she wear a size 24 month 2T in clothes, and size 9 /10 in shoes. She now wears a 5/6 in clothes and a 12/13 in shoes. 4) There has to be "Those days" After all in my dream life Daphnica comes home, the house is spotless, the meals are all ready, we are all healthy. We enter the home and start life as a Norman Rockwell family. In my dream every one is wearing flowing clothes, the sunlight is cascading over us all and I think I hear harps playing :) IN real life however.. all three of us will feel overwhelmed, the stress of the wait will be out in all of us, the sleepless nights. The looks in public and the natural "do I know what I am doing?" new parent thought process will be kicking in. There may be days when the smile is a little strained and the "We are doing great" might not sound quite honest. There might be days where I can't see straight for lack of sleep...Remember I have lived in a third world country for months. I need time to think about the people and life I have left behind. There may be times I cry just over having clean/hot water and lights. I want you to know this :0) Because when I am having one of these days I'd love it if you could just say. You made it this far, or better yet give me a hug and tell me you are proud of me or that it's OK. 5) In the end there has to be family! I can not wait for you all to meet my Daphnica. I can't wait for her to be out in the park playing, going to the library, music classes and in our community. (hopefully behaving) I am so blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people. We have had the best support system. All of you who have walked this walk with us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for that love, but most of all thank you for the prayers. This will be the start of the rest of the journey..thank-you for reading through this with me. I truly Love you all. Love, Holly

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Adoption update.

This is our last weekend in Haiti. We started packing for home today. Tickets are bought. VISA appt will be on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. This all seems so unreal. You can thank all of our state reps that we will be home soon and Carla that works at the Embassy.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Update coming to night.......... We have to go Haitian Imergrations today. Since we are now here as illegal aliens.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

another day

It is a end to another day. I had thought I would wake up today in my own bed, in my own house. But God had other plans. Not my will but yours God. The funny thing is I am finding a place of peace. I know God has this and he does not need my help. Tonight I will go to sleep and wake up exactly where God wants me. At the end of the day all I can say is I am blessed. Tonight I got to tuck in my Haitian girl we prayed, sang, talked, gave kisses, and laughed. Tomorrow I will get to wake her wonderful little face up. The important thing is we are together. At the end of each day I am blessed that I have another one with her.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

adoption update

No Visa appointment yet, but we got the next best thing. We now hold in our hand our IBESR exit letter (the door to our house & previously thought, final step before the plane). Yes, it is supposed to come afterward & no, we have never heard of anyone getting it before and no, we have no idea how it happened and yes, our agency said it was a miracle. To God be the glory. Anyway, just one step left, one window to go & then we will be on our way!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Our papers are not at the VISA center yet. They said call back on Monday or Tuesday. The NBC mailed them on Friday. I guess that means more waiting. The goal is still to be home by May 9th

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone climbed over our razor wire fence & stole our inverter, a Duracell 3000 that would probably have cost $1500-2000 here in Haiti. Implications- #1. Our house isn't safe. I proved it by twice climing the wall outside & going over the razor wire to show our house man it could be done easily. #2. All that is in our refrigerator will ruin tonight unless eaten & we won'...t be able to keep any fridge food or leftovers as city power is inconsistent & often is off for five days at a time. #3. The thieves will be back for the batteries & the rest since our landlord just had a shipment brought in to sell of microwaves & TVs & more desireable things that were all just sitting by the inverter, like a kid in a candy store but who could only get one item over the fence I guess. At least we weren't harmed. I guess we'll bring the viscious dog back. Writing this before power is gone UPDATE- they came again & tried three times to come up the wall & get in. We could hear them in the alley walking on the broken tile there at the spot where I climbed up to show the houseman how. The first time city power came o...n the second they nearly got to the top of the wall (thank you God) & they left, the second, the dog scared them away barking & growling at the door & the third I shouted in Creole where they could hear for the houseman to get his gun & shoot them (though he did nothing) & that combined with the dog convinced them to go & try another night, but they were certainly incessant to the point of the dog not even deterring them. We finally went to sleep & nothing is gone. Today, I'm moving the batteries & charger into the front porch where they can be securely locked up & a man is coming to put up more razor wire where it is needed. Strangely enough, I was never afraid at all, though Holly was & is very paranoid today. True to form, Daphnica slept through it all ;^) Chris W

Friday, April 13, 2012

Hair Brush for you little Haitian cutie

This is a must have. We just had a friend give us one. We so love it. Daphnica said it did not hurt at all when we used it.

Adoption update

We are done with USCIS. I knew it would happen today. Friday the 13th is our lucky day. I told Elizabeth this morning I thought it would be today. Now we just need the VISA. We will be home soon. I have so much to do before I leave Haiti.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Adoption update

We got to add the sun to our chart. We have now picked up Daphnica's medicals and taken them to our agency. One more thing done. We will be home soon.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Our girl is growing

At the Doctor they weighted Daphnica and did her height. She has gained 16lbs and grown 7 inches in height since November. To think we have not even made it to America yet. When we came in November she wear a size 24 month2T in clothes, and size 9 /10 in shoes. She now wears a 5/6 in clothes and a 12/13 in shoes.

Out of MOI photo

We took this photo right after we found out we were out of MOI.

Easter is coming up soon.

Here is what I have found out that Haitians do. On good Friday you must eat fish. On Easter Sunday white rice, white bean sauce, salad, boiled eggs, and fish. Flying a kite is a must.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our day today

Today was one of those Haiti days. We had to take Daphnica back to the doctor to finish up her medicals. We were supposed to be there at 6am. The car we usually drive had a flat and another tire about to go, so we had a friend drive us who was running late. When he got here, there was no gas in the car. At 5:45 no gas stations are open yet. So he stopped at one of the gas sellers on the side of the street & told them he needed gas. As we drove off, the car back-fired, then died. They had put diesel in his car. So we had to get on a tap tap to take us downtown. We picked Moise, our translator, up on the way. Got the the doctor's at almost 7am right when they open. You need to get there early to make sure you are first in line. The place was already packed. We got to go first because last week I asked the guard to hold me a place in line. It was well worth the $5 it cost. Our driver came back to get us once his car was working. I wanted to go to the iron market. On the way we ran out of gas. You would think someone would think to put gas in the car. What can you do but laugh and go on? We got to the iron market, which is just a big fancy iron building with a normal Haitian mache in one part & souvenir stores in the other. We went through the mache part where they were selling live turtles for recipes, not pets. We decided to get new extensions put in Daphnica's hair because the other ones were old. We found some nice ones cheap & some people that could put them in & told them to cut them to her shoulder length. They told us they could put them in her hair in around 40 minutes because two girls would be working doing it. They said they would wash her hair, as it hadn't been washed since before the current extensions were put in. We left Moise with her & took another Haitian with us & when we returned after an hour, they had removed her old ones & put a grand total of 3 new ones in & made them the wrong length, way too long. Only one girl was working. We had an appointment to return Daphnica's passport to our agency here so we had to leave, so we had to have them take them out so we could go. They then demanded over half the price agreed to originally. We paid them slightly less than that, but as we were leaving we found out that Moise didn't tell us that they NEVER even washed her hair & were going to put in more extensions into her dirty hair! Also, they tried to substitute an orange color after we left & then a cheaper brand & use far less than we bought. Well, I was not a happy camper at the whole situation or at Moses (Moise in Creole). We saw someone selling grapes. They cost so very much, a small amount, around maybe a pound for $7.50. We are told that if you are going to see your girlfriend, grapes or an apple is what you take her. We were told today that a friend of ours recently went to see the girl he likes. He decided to be creative. He took her a bag of cheetos. Romantic huh? Today as we were leaving BRESMA's office here in Haiti, Daphnica looked back & said, "Bye Y'all". We broke out laughing. I don't know where she even picked this up, but she is becoming so southern. That's my girl. One a side not it is so very hot here.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I found a product in Haiti it is Vigo Rice with beans. The taste is very Haitian. We have had the black beans and rice, and red beans with rice. Daphnica said she really liked it. Said she gives it a ten. It is a US company.

Friday, March 30, 2012

Daphnica holding her Passport

The last two weeks have been so great. We have seen so much movement in our adoption that my head is spinning. When we got the call saying we had a passport. I felt like I had won the Publishers Clearing House. To God be all the glory. I know he does all things well. We go in the morning for her medicals.

We have a Passport

Today at 2:41 we got the call saying we now have a passport. Only 2 days that was fast. Daphnica adding the chimney to her chart the show we now have her passport.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Help

OK friends I need your help. Really I am begging for your help. I have never done this in the past. You can do with out one luxury for this week or next. One of the Orphanages that we visit here in Haiti is in great need of a few things. I have been going to visit for over a year now. I love the kids and found Nickolas that cares for them to be a honest and a trust worthy man. You can give a tax deducible donation. Please make checks to Living Word Ministries 121 E Main ST Scottsville, KY 42164 This is there greatest need money to pay there rent the rest of the this year $625.00 (needs to be paid by the end of March). This will give 38 kids a home till February of 2013. Food, This is how much food I can buy for 209.00 Which in turn will have 38 very happy kids. 4 bags of rice, 2 large bottles of oil, large box of maggie, 2 bags of tomato maggie,2 boxes washing soap, one large bag of fab, one large tub of butter, 1 bag corn, half of bag of beans, 2 cans of tomato paste, 18 bags of spaghetti noodles. A better way to cook the food like a propane stove,($1000.00). Chairs for the kids,($5.00 each). Sheets(the kids sleep on the floor). Plates, cups, silverware (6.00 for a plate,cup, and spoon) Please Put Nickolas in the check memo. Also we would like to help the orphanage that Daphnica lived at put down a concert slab for the playground equipment we got them. The kids can not play on it till it is set in the concert. This will cost 1200.00 If you would like to help with this put playground in the check memo. You will make close to 100 kids very happy. We would like to put in basketball goals at two orphanages. Will cost $125.00 Put Bball in the check memo Build two tables and 4 benches for Pastor Calix's orphanage The kids need some place to eat $ 150.00 Put table in the check memo Thank you with all my heart, Holly .
Daphnica had a growth spurt overnight. This morning none of her shoes fit. She has grown 4 shoe sizes since we came.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Adoption update.

This the update we got. Dossier of Daphnica Duverlus is already signed will be out for passport issue probably tomorrow. I will keep you posted. We are out of MOI and on our way to passports. I was at the market and did a dance in the aisle and praising God. We made this chart on Friday for Daphnica to have a understanding of when we will be going home. We got to add two things last week. This is her adding the roof to show we are out of MOI. Still praising God.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

We just got this adoption update.

We got the extraits back from legalization yesterday afternoon. Billy took them to MOI this morning I will keep you posted. I have much to share with you. But we have not had much city power

Friday, March 16, 2012

The Kissing Hand

Daphnica is loving school she wanted to stay today so she could play longer with the other kids. Before we leave to go to school each morning we each give her a kiss on the palm of her hand. This way if she misses us she can hold her hands to her face and know we are with her. Today when we were walking to school she had her hands in here pockets. I ask what she was doing she said she was keeping her kisses safe. She calls them her kissing hands. This works very well for her. She told me at bedtime she only had to use them twice today. I got this idea from a book she likes. It is called The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn, Ruth E. Harper (Illustrator), Nancy M. Leak (Illustrator),

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lets ride the waves

Another waiting mom sent me this. I really helped me get through last week. I wanted to share it with you. "Huge waves that would frighten an ordinary swimmer produce tremendous thrill for the surfer who has ridden them... The things we try to avoid and fight against - tribulation, suffering, and persecution - are the very things that produce abundant joy in us. "We are more than conquerors through Him" "in all these things"; not in spite of them, but in the midst of them. A saint doesn't know the joy of the Lord in spite of tribulation, but because of it. Paul said "I am exceedingly joyful in all our tribulation" (2 Cor 7:4) The undiminished radiance, which is the result of abundant joy, is not built on anything passing, but on the love of God that nothing can change. And the experiences of life, whether they are everyday events or terrifying ones, are powerless to "separate us form the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord" (Rom 8:39) ~ Oswald Chambers "My Utmost for His Highest" March 7

With God all things are possible

Last night as I lay in bed I was rethinking about the day. I start thanking God for our archives and that we were able to get new ones. Because without these our adoption was at a stand still. Then all of a sudden my heart sank. I wanted to weep for all the other mommies wanting for something in there case to move. I felt so bad for them. Then I thought of the ones who have been told that they may never get to bring there child home. (That they have fallen in love with.) This could have been me. I have felt their pain. My heart aches for them. This is a song that got me past those days that I felt hopeless and that all hope seemed lost. I felt in my spirit God say if you could trade in your news and give news to someone else who would you pick. Then I started to think of all you that are waiting. The thing is I could never just pick one of you. I would pick all of you. I have thought about this most of the day. If I had to pick I think I would have to pick someone who was here in Haiti waiting. Because that makes the wait harder and longer. Then I thought no I would pick the person who it looks like there in no way. Just wanted to share my thoughts. I am praying for all of you. We will not give up till they all are home. Prayer changes things. With God all things are possible.

Haiti Day 1 This is a video journal of my first trip to Haiti, I hope Candace Green and Michelle Carver do not mind me sharing their part of the video journal. Thank you Andrew Hogue/Cinemental Journeys for editing and working it. Thank you TV-31 for sharing it with everyone. I think Andrew is working on uploading the other days.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Adoption update

Drum roll please........................ We got news today. That our papers are fixed. We now have the new death certificate, and Achieves Extracts for both parents. 4 months of waiting and the day is here. To God be all the glory. We will be home soon. I wish you all could have seen the look on Daphnica's face when we told her. She said God Fixed them and now she can fly to Kentucky. This is the timeline we are were given today Legalization: 1 week, Finish MOI: 2 weeks, Passports: 2 weeks, Finish USCIS: 3 weeks, Visa: 1 week, IBESR exit letter: three days.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

God if there is a way make her Mine.

2 years age March 11th 2010. Looking back That last day in Haiti we spent at the orphanage saying our goodbyes was one of the hardest days of my life. For most of the visit that day nether Daphnica or I said much. I felt if I said to much I would burst into tears. She mostly sat on my lap and slept as I held her small body close to me wondering if this was the last time we would ever see each other. I remember what it was like to hold her small hand in mine. That day I prayed a very simple prayer God if there is a way make her Mine. I was not there the night she was born. But to me she was born the first time I held her in my arms. I will never forget those days. When we said no words we just held each other. I would watch as she slept in my arms. Wanting so badly in my heart for her to be mine. She seemed so small and if I held her to tight something would break. For two years now I have carried her in my heart and she is mine. I was not there when on January 12th 2010 when Haiti's earth shook and a cinder block wall fell around my daughter. But I was there this March 7th when our house shook from a small quake. I was the one to hold her close and tell her it was going to be ok. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Now I pray once again if there is a way please make our papers to be finished.
This photo was taken by someone on the trip team in 2010. It brings back so many feelings and thoughts. Because it was taken as I was praying for her to be mine.

A walk down memory lane

These are some slide shows I did of my first trip to Haiti 2 years age. My world was forever changed. This is something I heard in my spirit right be for I came to Haiti the first time. I hear a small voice call my name in the still quiet moments of the day. This voice comes from a place far away. But I hear its echoes across the ocean as the wind of God carries it to me. Two years have come and gone and now I know the name of that voice. Daphnica, she is my Haitian girl.

swim, and new hairdo

Today we went over to one of the neighbors to swim. They told Daphnica she can swim anytime she wants. She calls it the ear cleaning place. Because they have a team of doctors staying there that are going to look at her ears and maybe clean them out. I pulled her hair back, she says manman I did not know you could do that. You can do everything.

I love pineapple

Tonight I ask Daphnica what she wants for supper, she says pineapple. Then says pineapple is best thing that has ever happened to me. I say better than mom? she says yes. I say better than papa? she says no. I act like I am crying, she says ok I love you and pineapple the same. As I put her to bed she says that her supper was the best ever in her whole life. (she had cereal, pineapple and dates) I ask her if she loves it more than strawberries? she says same. Then she whispers in my ear. I also love, love.

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Tonight as my girl went to sleep. I was the one to hold her hand and rock her to sleep. I was not thousand of miles away. This is what she said right before she fell asleep. I need to learn all the words to the sun will come out tomorrow. That way when I miss you I can sing it. For sure the sun will come out tomorrow because I am here with her.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Orange Hair? I don't think so.................

I had extensions put in Daphnca's hair yesterday . When the girl came she had gotten brown with orange tips. I about had and fit and laugh at the same time. You should have seen the look on her face when I told her that they would not work. That my baby could not have orange hair. She told me that the market only had orange or yellow. She thought the orange would look best. I told yes for a young lady but not a 7 year old. She still thought I was wrong. I told her to wait I would go to the market. I found the right color. It took her 4 hours. Half the time of the last girl that did it.

My Girl goes to School

We took Daphnica to school this morning so they could give her a test to see what grade she will be in. When we came to Haiti 4 months age she was in Kindergarten. Today my baby started 2nd grade. She stayed today to see how she likes it. She was so happy when I left her. Now we have to get her books, supplies, shoes, socks, white hair ribbons and uniform. We are trying to make life here as normal as possible for her. Almost time to go get her. I can't wait to see how her day went.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

further demonstrations are planned

March 18th, the anniversary of Aristide's return; and the 29th, the day Haiti signed its constitution in 1987.


This was taken from a facebook post Chris did- They are right now demanding Martelly's resignation if if he has dual citizenship. They have been demonstrating downtown today (scheduled), but I have been warning about this. I removed one post about all this because I knew some people thought it was reactionary, well it wasn't. I was just told that they are demanding his resignation tonight (now keep in mind this is a Haitian who just listened to the annoucement telling this to our translator who was explaining it to us as he was literally doing anything he can to get home before anything bad happens out). I have been warning people that the market burning in Tabar was a result of the Prime Minister quitting & that he very possibly quit because the advisory committee investigating Martelly & all his staff found the PM had dual citizenship & he was trying to save his reputation by preemptively resigning. School children have been warned to leave school & stay in that the country is in an uprising. Five large non-scheduled U.N. planes are flying in over our house one after another, all in under 6 minutes!! I don't know what is true & what is rumor, but if you were ever worried about the destabilization of Haiti & adoptions becoming a fact, now is the time to worry, though really it is the time to pray. Earthquake last night, government shaking apart today, I will not give in to fear but will trust in God. I can't believe these fools want to destroy this country around them. Can they not live without chaos? Will they destroy Haiti to get what they want? I can hear people shouting outside in an unpleasant way, not sure what about. Will keep you posted. PRAY PEOPLE!!! I'm trying to find relevant info online but it just doesn't come up quickly for Haiti events. There's no noise outside anymore so it must have been a reaction to the broadcast as it was going. The silence is better but almost eerie at this point. I was feeling weird inside my house & now shouting & potential chaos reported & I feel even more weird as I sit & type. I have a strange peace though but I sure wish we had have gotten more water jugs today just in case the guy that works for us can't come out tomorrow. Another guy called to warn us & he said he'd come no matter what if we needed something, so I'm sure God will provide. Little more only, Radio said they are demanding to see Martelly's passport & all related travel documentation & if it shows evidence of dual citizenship, they are demanding his resignation. In my understanding this is a very small part of the population that are against him, mostly political adverasaries & a few followers. No one else wants him gone. If I understand correctly, the dual citizenship is such an issue because they want their leaders to have more interest in Haiti than being influenced by foreign administrations, so the constitution forbids it. I fear this side would not push their hand so heavily without some proof from the investigative committee that he does in fact have dual citizenship. It would be foolish indeed, deathly foolish, for them if they accuse him & are wrong & perhaps just as much if they are right. Searching for more info. He presented eight Haitian passports, they said something about them being expired, but there has been a crazy speculation that he has Italian citizenship or American & thus has passports from there. There is graffiti appearing on the walls downtown that says, Martelly is an Italian. It seems there is a public outcry for him to stay here & deal with local problems, even among supporters, though I'm sure that is why he is traveling to gain support to do so. I think the article is right & it is just a fake allegation from forged documents, hoping anyway. I just want some peace around here. After our bed shaking last night, us running out of the house, & sleeping in the car all night, then this today, I probably am not the best person to report on it anyway, so I'll just tell you if I observe anything bad from this & leave the discussion/speculation to others. My mind & nerves may simply be over-taxed at this point. This may be the norm for Haiti, uprisings, tremors, & you just go around like normal like it's all in a day's work, but it's a bit jarring for me.

Bring on the Rain

Well, in one 24 hour period, a small earthquake rattled our home & hearts leaving us sleeping outside in a car, there was a failed attempt to depose the president of the country, & we got an email from our agency saying the person who went to check at the Archives today found they still were not finished (after a month). My wife was taking it hard & crying & so I got her to go up to the roof while... Daphnica ate & after a little bit of her crying & me holding her, proverbially but unexpectedly it came......rain. I couldn't help but think of two songs, one is secular & we don't listen to secular music anymore but Bring on the Rain by Jodee Messina seemed very apt, but we thought one better & decided that though we can't quite claim to the first verse of the song (as a million times is a lot to be asked about praising in the face of adversity) & we can't yet say that it has brought us closer to God through these times (ask us later), we can at least choose to sing it from the chorus on & mean the rest of it, thought I'd share as if you are a Christian who is going to adopt from Haiti, you might as well start singing along with the chorus.


We just had an earthquake (tremor) here, about 30 minutes ago that lasted a few seconds & shook our bed & house. We are currently outside. It took a second to realize what it was. I prayed & went back in & got a light & the computer. Phone systems are very busy if you try to call anyone to check. We don't believe any damage happened to speak of in Port Au Prince as we have talked to a couple of people across PaP, could be from elsewhere in Haiti, post if you hear anything. It lasted maybe 8-10 seconds or more across town. We were told by our translator that last time the big one hit there was a mini tremor 3 hours before, trying to confirm, if any of you know, please post here. Please pray for us & all in Haiti right now & prayerfully consider your upcoming trips to here as I truly believe another is coming. Was just told it was a 4.6 on the richter scale, 22 miles SW of PaP. Please pray. I will never forget the sounds as we came out the door. On the other side of our walls and gate. You could hear people crying, wailing, and screaming. The dogs were barking like crazy. The city is quiet again. Chris and Holly

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Daphnica had a spacer wire put in to save room for two teeth. Yesterday at the orphanage the kids ask Daphnica if the wire was what made her speak English. They seemed so shocked at how well she speaks it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

March 5th 2010. The day I met My Haitian Girl

If you would have asked me two years ago if I would be living in Haiti. I would have said no way. That is crazy talk. Well here I am two years later living in Haiti. I must be crazy or in love. I will never forget March 5th 2010. That was the day my life was forever changed. The way I saw Haiti from the sky will be forever etched in my mind. It seemed as if our plane would land on one of the houses. I had so many feelings and thoughts as we landed. I was scared, nervous and excited for the unknown. As we landed the song Time Of My Life stared playing. I had never heard it before. I remember the tears that streamed down my face for the people that I had never meet. As we came down the escalator at the airport Haitian men were playing instruments and singing. Some days I can still here that tune in my head. The airport was so crazy and very scary. The luggage pick up was in a building that looked like a pole barn with luggage and people everywhere. Once outside the airport we met up with the lady picking us up. I think we all were happy to see her. The streets and roads were as crazy as the airport was. So many building had been crushed from the earthquake and most Haitians were still trying to figure out what to do. Within a few hours of landing in Port Au Prince we were bumping down the roads playing chicken with the cars on our way to a orphanage. When we pulled in many children ran to the truck to greet us. We were given lots of hugs and kisses. I felt as if heaven had opened and swept me up. The place was so very poor and had very little. The kids were sleeping in tents. Almost all of them were underweight for their age. But we all fell in love with this place. This was the day that I saw My Haitian Girl for the first time. I will never forget seeing her. She was so small we guessed her to be 3 (she was 5). She was wearing a red silk dress with white polka dots on it. It was too big for her, they had it tied at the shoulders but the straps still kept falling down. It had a small tears on the front of the dress. I loved her that very first night that I laid my eyes on her. Over the past 2 years I have been to Haiti 7 times. I have seen so much change in Haiti, myself, and in My Haitian Girl. I have seen her grow and change so much. I hate that my family has missed this time with her. The two photos show the change two years have made. I will post more this week on the first time that I met Daphnica.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

I for one am glad this week is over. It has been like a three ring circus around here. The landlord came this week put new tile down in one of the rooms so we have been moving stuff from one room to another. We got that mess cleaned back up. They started building a set stairs out back to the roof which has caused a lot of noise. Under the stairs they have made a very small blocked room for the much hated dog that they plan to bring back and keep in there. They put in the pluming for a washing machine. He did hire a very good cook. Some of the best Haitian food I have ever eaten. We took Daphnica back to the dentist this week for the rest of her dental work. They are so good with her. The dentist was kind to work us in before he goes to Canada for a visit. She did so very good. We are now all done till it is time for a check up. She loved swimming in his pool. We stopped by the Caribbean Market on our way home Daphnica picked dates as her treat for doing so well at the dentist. We also got her the leap frog tag reader. We are hoping this will help her with reading. She is loving it. Found lots of goodies at the store. On the way home our bodyguard got jerked off the back of our tap tap by a police man for smarting off to him. Chris and I both told him to sit down and be quite but he would not listen. So they keep him and hit him a few times. Which left us with a driver we did not know. We did make it home safe. Lets just say he will not be working for us again. Our usual bodyguard was away this week working for someone else. But comes back tomorrow. To top things off Wednesday night we were sitting at the table in the dark with a flash light on eating supper. I feel something crawling on my lap. I swat at it then jump up. It went onto Daphnica leg. It was a Gecko. Daphnica said when I jump up she thought it was another earthquake. I hate those things even more now. We are hoping that our papers will be done this week or next. But who knows.
Went today to look for a washing machine with our landlord. He ask if there was anything else I need to make my stay more comfortable. Is this Gods way of saying I am going to be in Haiti for a long time. We did not get a washer because they cost way to much here. But he is going to have one shipped over from the US in the next few weeks. Has already put in the pluming for it.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

3 months

Today we have been in Haiti for 3 months. Some days it is if the days fly by and others it seems if they stand still. So much has been gained and so much lost. My side of the world is such a different one than the one I can from. Things seen to go at there own pace here in no hurry for anyone. Once we do come home there are so many things I will miss. It will be a readjustment for all of us. I love the chocolate kisses I get everyday. This bonding time with Daphnica has been worth it all. Tonight as we prayed bedtime prayers Daphnica said thank you for the rain, that I am here with my Papa and Manman, thank you for paperwork to be fixed so I can go to Kentucky with them. In Jesus name amen. I know God had to here that prayer.
See you all soon. I know God does all things well. Love Holly