Friday, November 9, 2012


A year ago today we stepped off a plane in Haiti to the unknow and a little girl weighing around 28 lbs at almost 7. Daphnica stopped eating because she missed us so much. Our agency said if we went we would have to stay till she can home. That her very life could depend on that. I will never forget how small she was. My heart could have broken into a thousand pieces. I never thought we would be living in Haiti for almost 7 months. I know my faith was put to the test and most days I failed several times. I cried, kicked, and even screamed some days. To say the least I acted like a baby. But looking back at a year that has past it seems like yesterday and at the same time like years ago. I looked back at photos from them I cried, laugh and at some just shock my head in disbelieve. Those were moments with Daphnica that I am so thankful that I did not miss. Her smile at eating, swinging in the swing her Papa made her, her first day of school, two teeth coming out, lights wrapped around her like she was a Christmas tree, finding her baby doll Jerry, chats on the roof top at night, her 7th birthday, making tablet together (Haitian candy), Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentines Day, Saint Patrick's Day, Easter, Mothers Day. Looking back I was so blessed to have gotten to be there for all these memories for that is what they are. Memories that I will hold dear to my heart. I will add some more photos.

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