Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Our day today

Today was one of those Haiti days. We had to take Daphnica back to the doctor to finish up her medicals. We were supposed to be there at 6am. The car we usually drive had a flat and another tire about to go, so we had a friend drive us who was running late. When he got here, there was no gas in the car. At 5:45 no gas stations are open yet. So he stopped at one of the gas sellers on the side of the street & told them he needed gas. As we drove off, the car back-fired, then died. They had put diesel in his car. So we had to get on a tap tap to take us downtown. We picked Moise, our translator, up on the way. Got the the doctor's at almost 7am right when they open. You need to get there early to make sure you are first in line. The place was already packed. We got to go first because last week I asked the guard to hold me a place in line. It was well worth the $5 it cost. Our driver came back to get us once his car was working. I wanted to go to the iron market. On the way we ran out of gas. You would think someone would think to put gas in the car. What can you do but laugh and go on? We got to the iron market, which is just a big fancy iron building with a normal Haitian mache in one part & souvenir stores in the other. We went through the mache part where they were selling live turtles for recipes, not pets. We decided to get new extensions put in Daphnica's hair because the other ones were old. We found some nice ones cheap & some people that could put them in & told them to cut them to her shoulder length. They told us they could put them in her hair in around 40 minutes because two girls would be working doing it. They said they would wash her hair, as it hadn't been washed since before the current extensions were put in. We left Moise with her & took another Haitian with us & when we returned after an hour, they had removed her old ones & put a grand total of 3 new ones in & made them the wrong length, way too long. Only one girl was working. We had an appointment to return Daphnica's passport to our agency here so we had to leave, so we had to have them take them out so we could go. They then demanded over half the price agreed to originally. We paid them slightly less than that, but as we were leaving we found out that Moise didn't tell us that they NEVER even washed her hair & were going to put in more extensions into her dirty hair! Also, they tried to substitute an orange color after we left & then a cheaper brand & use far less than we bought. Well, I was not a happy camper at the whole situation or at Moses (Moise in Creole). We saw someone selling grapes. They cost so very much, a small amount, around maybe a pound for $7.50. We are told that if you are going to see your girlfriend, grapes or an apple is what you take her. We were told today that a friend of ours recently went to see the girl he likes. He decided to be creative. He took her a bag of cheetos. Romantic huh? Today as we were leaving BRESMA's office here in Haiti, Daphnica looked back & said, "Bye Y'all". We broke out laughing. I don't know where she even picked this up, but she is becoming so southern. That's my girl. One a side not it is so very hot here.

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