Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Someone climbed over our razor wire fence & stole our inverter, a Duracell 3000 that would probably have cost $1500-2000 here in Haiti. Implications- #1. Our house isn't safe. I proved it by twice climing the wall outside & going over the razor wire to show our house man it could be done easily. #2. All that is in our refrigerator will ruin tonight unless eaten & we won'...t be able to keep any fridge food or leftovers as city power is inconsistent & often is off for five days at a time. #3. The thieves will be back for the batteries & the rest since our landlord just had a shipment brought in to sell of microwaves & TVs & more desireable things that were all just sitting by the inverter, like a kid in a candy store but who could only get one item over the fence I guess. At least we weren't harmed. I guess we'll bring the viscious dog back. Writing this before power is gone UPDATE- they came again & tried three times to come up the wall & get in. We could hear them in the alley walking on the broken tile there at the spot where I climbed up to show the houseman how. The first time city power came o...n the second they nearly got to the top of the wall (thank you God) & they left, the second, the dog scared them away barking & growling at the door & the third I shouted in Creole where they could hear for the houseman to get his gun & shoot them (though he did nothing) & that combined with the dog convinced them to go & try another night, but they were certainly incessant to the point of the dog not even deterring them. We finally went to sleep & nothing is gone. Today, I'm moving the batteries & charger into the front porch where they can be securely locked up & a man is coming to put up more razor wire where it is needed. Strangely enough, I was never afraid at all, though Holly was & is very paranoid today. True to form, Daphnica slept through it all ;^) Chris W

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