Thursday, March 8, 2012

Bring on the Rain

Well, in one 24 hour period, a small earthquake rattled our home & hearts leaving us sleeping outside in a car, there was a failed attempt to depose the president of the country, & we got an email from our agency saying the person who went to check at the Archives today found they still were not finished (after a month). My wife was taking it hard & crying & so I got her to go up to the roof while... Daphnica ate & after a little bit of her crying & me holding her, proverbially but unexpectedly it came......rain. I couldn't help but think of two songs, one is secular & we don't listen to secular music anymore but Bring on the Rain by Jodee Messina seemed very apt, but we thought one better & decided that though we can't quite claim to the first verse of the song (as a million times is a lot to be asked about praising in the face of adversity) & we can't yet say that it has brought us closer to God through these times (ask us later), we can at least choose to sing it from the chorus on & mean the rest of it, thought I'd share as if you are a Christian who is going to adopt from Haiti, you might as well start singing along with the chorus.

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