Thursday, March 29, 2012

Please Help

OK friends I need your help. Really I am begging for your help. I have never done this in the past. You can do with out one luxury for this week or next. One of the Orphanages that we visit here in Haiti is in great need of a few things. I have been going to visit for over a year now. I love the kids and found Nickolas that cares for them to be a honest and a trust worthy man. You can give a tax deducible donation. Please make checks to Living Word Ministries 121 E Main ST Scottsville, KY 42164 This is there greatest need money to pay there rent the rest of the this year $625.00 (needs to be paid by the end of March). This will give 38 kids a home till February of 2013. Food, This is how much food I can buy for 209.00 Which in turn will have 38 very happy kids. 4 bags of rice, 2 large bottles of oil, large box of maggie, 2 bags of tomato maggie,2 boxes washing soap, one large bag of fab, one large tub of butter, 1 bag corn, half of bag of beans, 2 cans of tomato paste, 18 bags of spaghetti noodles. A better way to cook the food like a propane stove,($1000.00). Chairs for the kids,($5.00 each). Sheets(the kids sleep on the floor). Plates, cups, silverware (6.00 for a plate,cup, and spoon) Please Put Nickolas in the check memo. Also we would like to help the orphanage that Daphnica lived at put down a concert slab for the playground equipment we got them. The kids can not play on it till it is set in the concert. This will cost 1200.00 If you would like to help with this put playground in the check memo. You will make close to 100 kids very happy. We would like to put in basketball goals at two orphanages. Will cost $125.00 Put Bball in the check memo Build two tables and 4 benches for Pastor Calix's orphanage The kids need some place to eat $ 150.00 Put table in the check memo Thank you with all my heart, Holly .

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