Saturday, March 3, 2012

I for one am glad this week is over. It has been like a three ring circus around here. The landlord came this week put new tile down in one of the rooms so we have been moving stuff from one room to another. We got that mess cleaned back up. They started building a set stairs out back to the roof which has caused a lot of noise. Under the stairs they have made a very small blocked room for the much hated dog that they plan to bring back and keep in there. They put in the pluming for a washing machine. He did hire a very good cook. Some of the best Haitian food I have ever eaten. We took Daphnica back to the dentist this week for the rest of her dental work. They are so good with her. The dentist was kind to work us in before he goes to Canada for a visit. She did so very good. We are now all done till it is time for a check up. She loved swimming in his pool. We stopped by the Caribbean Market on our way home Daphnica picked dates as her treat for doing so well at the dentist. We also got her the leap frog tag reader. We are hoping this will help her with reading. She is loving it. Found lots of goodies at the store. On the way home our bodyguard got jerked off the back of our tap tap by a police man for smarting off to him. Chris and I both told him to sit down and be quite but he would not listen. So they keep him and hit him a few times. Which left us with a driver we did not know. We did make it home safe. Lets just say he will not be working for us again. Our usual bodyguard was away this week working for someone else. But comes back tomorrow. To top things off Wednesday night we were sitting at the table in the dark with a flash light on eating supper. I feel something crawling on my lap. I swat at it then jump up. It went onto Daphnica leg. It was a Gecko. Daphnica said when I jump up she thought it was another earthquake. I hate those things even more now. We are hoping that our papers will be done this week or next. But who knows.

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