Thursday, March 8, 2012


This was taken from a facebook post Chris did- They are right now demanding Martelly's resignation if if he has dual citizenship. They have been demonstrating downtown today (scheduled), but I have been warning about this. I removed one post about all this because I knew some people thought it was reactionary, well it wasn't. I was just told that they are demanding his resignation tonight (now keep in mind this is a Haitian who just listened to the annoucement telling this to our translator who was explaining it to us as he was literally doing anything he can to get home before anything bad happens out). I have been warning people that the market burning in Tabar was a result of the Prime Minister quitting & that he very possibly quit because the advisory committee investigating Martelly & all his staff found the PM had dual citizenship & he was trying to save his reputation by preemptively resigning. School children have been warned to leave school & stay in that the country is in an uprising. Five large non-scheduled U.N. planes are flying in over our house one after another, all in under 6 minutes!! I don't know what is true & what is rumor, but if you were ever worried about the destabilization of Haiti & adoptions becoming a fact, now is the time to worry, though really it is the time to pray. Earthquake last night, government shaking apart today, I will not give in to fear but will trust in God. I can't believe these fools want to destroy this country around them. Can they not live without chaos? Will they destroy Haiti to get what they want? I can hear people shouting outside in an unpleasant way, not sure what about. Will keep you posted. PRAY PEOPLE!!! I'm trying to find relevant info online but it just doesn't come up quickly for Haiti events. There's no noise outside anymore so it must have been a reaction to the broadcast as it was going. The silence is better but almost eerie at this point. I was feeling weird inside my house & now shouting & potential chaos reported & I feel even more weird as I sit & type. I have a strange peace though but I sure wish we had have gotten more water jugs today just in case the guy that works for us can't come out tomorrow. Another guy called to warn us & he said he'd come no matter what if we needed something, so I'm sure God will provide. Little more only, Radio said they are demanding to see Martelly's passport & all related travel documentation & if it shows evidence of dual citizenship, they are demanding his resignation. In my understanding this is a very small part of the population that are against him, mostly political adverasaries & a few followers. No one else wants him gone. If I understand correctly, the dual citizenship is such an issue because they want their leaders to have more interest in Haiti than being influenced by foreign administrations, so the constitution forbids it. I fear this side would not push their hand so heavily without some proof from the investigative committee that he does in fact have dual citizenship. It would be foolish indeed, deathly foolish, for them if they accuse him & are wrong & perhaps just as much if they are right. Searching for more info. He presented eight Haitian passports, they said something about them being expired, but there has been a crazy speculation that he has Italian citizenship or American & thus has passports from there. There is graffiti appearing on the walls downtown that says, Martelly is an Italian. It seems there is a public outcry for him to stay here & deal with local problems, even among supporters, though I'm sure that is why he is traveling to gain support to do so. I think the article is right & it is just a fake allegation from forged documents, hoping anyway. I just want some peace around here. After our bed shaking last night, us running out of the house, & sleeping in the car all night, then this today, I probably am not the best person to report on it anyway, so I'll just tell you if I observe anything bad from this & leave the discussion/speculation to others. My mind & nerves may simply be over-taxed at this point. This may be the norm for Haiti, uprisings, tremors, & you just go around like normal like it's all in a day's work, but it's a bit jarring for me.

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